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Thursday, 22 February 2007

XTech 2007 loves Jabber

The Ubiquitous Web...

As my employment with the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven is coming to a natural end on 1 March, and I was not sure where I would be working in May, I did not answer the call for participation for XTech 2007. Turns out there are at least three Jabber related talks in the schedule that was made available just now!

Blaine Cook and Kellan Elliot-McCrea will have a talk titled Jabber: Social Software for Robots promoting the use of XMPP to let chat bots be an avatar for web applications.

Massimiliano Mirra will talk about Real-time user-to-user web with Mozilla and XMPP, explaining how browser based applications can be spiced up with real-time bidirectional structured communication by using XMPP to communicate with the application's backend.

And finally, Jyri Engeström will talk about Jaiku — rich presence. I have been visiting Jaiku HQ last month and they have a very nice application going on there. The summary does not tell, but Jaiku uses XMPP, as Mika Raento will explain at FOSDEM this weekend.

All in on very exciting stuff, and there's a lot of other interesting talks as well, so may need to consider going to Paris this spring.