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Saturday, 29 June 2002


Just came across a posting by cmeerw on his JabRSS project. JabRSS is a simple RSS headline notification service for Jabber. You can feed it the URL of a RSS file to subscribe to, which is neat. Most notification services have some 'hardcoded' channels, but this one let's you give it any source. I am really curious how well it works.

Hacking on IMCom

Hmm, long time no blog. I've been a bit busy with my study lately, I guess. Which is good!

Today I have been checking out IMCom again, a CLI Jabber Client written in Python. It has matured a lot since I last tried it, and is really nice. Also, as I have dabbled a bit in Python, too, it looks very hackable . I added the /mood command to publish my mood for fun. Cool!

Friday, 14 June 2002

Publish your moods

As I am always trying out new things and new ideas, I am now playing with a prototype of dj's pubsub component. It follows the pubsub protocol as proposed in JEP 0024 with the exception that it uses the pipetree:iq:pubsub namespace.

Now I needed an application for it and I came up with the following: you can now publish your mood to the pubsub component on my jabber server and have this mood show up in the Jabber World Map or elsewhere on this site. To do this you need to download a little perl script (and a .xml file for the configuration) in the download section. You can also find the corresponding bot there.

Happy mood publishing!

Wednesday, 5 June 2002

Giving back to the community

In the last few days I cleaned up some of the code used to power this site and decided to make them available. You can download the bots used for interaction with Jabber and the necessary database creation scripts here. There's a small README as well.

Air-raid alarm test

Cool. Every first wednesday of June (like today) at 12:00h the air-raid alarms are audio tested. Wheeeeeeeooooooow.

Sunday, 2 June 2002

A quarter of a century

Today is the day. Twentyfive years on this planet. I'm feeling quite old suddenly ;-). I got a wallet, some clothing and a O'Reilly book on XML. Nice! We've got good weather here in the Netherlands (25 degrees C, no clouds) so we're planning a BBQ. Party!!!