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Tuesday, 31 August 2004

FOSDEM 2005 Call for DevRooms and booths.

More presence...

It's that time of year again. The good guys that take on the organisation of FOSDEM have set the date for the 5th edition of this great event: February 26 and 27, 2005. Of course they have already been working hard behind the screens, and now it is time for them to get the community involved again. So they have issued a Call for Presence Developers Rooms and Booths.

Last year, I arranged for a Jabber Software Foundation booth. Although I could not attend at the very last moment, the booth turned out to be a mild success, and I think we should have a booth again for the 2005 edition. Further, they are asking for Presence Developers Rooms, so who better to ask than people dealing with presence every day? I want to apply for one, but I do need ideas to use the room (presentations, tutorials, hackfest, etc.) and people to support me in running it. Contact me if you have ideas and/or want to help out!

Of course I'll also be collaborating with the FOSDEM organisation to use Jabber during the event in the form of Jabber chat rooms and the like, like last year, with the FOSDEM Jabber server.

Monday, 30 August 2004

Working back the backlog

News mostly done now...

Well, going on vacation without getting online for almost two weeks does really make me realise how much of an information junkie I have become. Although Mimír nicely kept track of all the news I was missing during my absence, when I got back there where so many items that the webserver refused to produce such a big page. I guess that needs some work. Anyway, I struggled through all those news items during the whole weekend and just marked the last items as having been read.

On of the things that came by were some developments in the pubsub arena. Both offline offlinestpeter and hildjj have worked on producing a first draft on how to move ATOM over XMPP. I still have to read it through more thoroughly, but so far: nice stuff. I also read the nice responses and good comments. Really promising, and I will be implementing this for Mimír. Hopefully soon.

Also made a number of posts about the need for reference implementations of both Jabber servers and clients. Possibly in python. I'm all for it, as a number of others, and I'm game!

But please, stop doing / thinking up cool stuff when I am on vacation!

Next, the backlog of e-mail.

Back from our honeymoon

and wrestling through the backlog on mail and news...

Well. I'm back. I don't want to see the mobile phone bill and find out what my last blog entry costed me. Blogging using vim via an ssh client on my palm and writing it with a stylus is painfully time consuming, and error prone. The fact that the connection was via bluetooth to my mobile phone using a plain old GSM modem connection probably also made it pretty expensive. Oh well.

We bought ourselves a digital camera from the money we received as gifts on our wedding. The choice fell opon the Konica Minolta DiMAGE G600, a 6 megapixel compact digital camera. Nice review over here. We actually bought it in advance of the wedding (got it two days before), because we wanted to be sure we could take it along on our honeymoon. We made this great set of photos with it.

On of the nice things we did was meet up with micke in Stockholm, where we went to a very nice restaurant called Stony Knight. We should have taken a picture, though.

On our wedding a lot of people made pictures. One of my friends, Dorus, made pictures with his digital camera during the day, and gave them on a CDROM as a wedding present on our party in the evening. online onlineIntosi also shot some pictures that can be seen in this album.

Tuesday, 17 August 2004


Writing with a stylus...

Our wedding uas fantastic! See some pictures at photo.ik.nu. Now we are waiting for our plane in Rotterdam, for our honeymoon to Copenhagen and Stockholm. See you all soon!

Friday, 13 August 2004

Getting Married!

The Big Day...

Today, Friday the 13th, me and girlfriend Irma have been together for exactly 10 years. The perfect day to make our relationship more official. So, today is the big day and I am going to get married!

I must say I am pretty excited. Not nervous or anything, just very excited and curious how the day will go by in a flash (as I have heard). Anyway, time to have a nice relaxed breakfast, get to my parents' house and get dressed. I'll blog about how it all went tomorrow.