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Thursday, 22 December 2005

Jabber @ FOSDEM 2006: call for presence

With so much happening in the Jabber space, people want to know more. And what better place than FOSDEM. In the weekend of 25 and 26 February 2006 its 6th edition will take place in Brussels, and again I've made sure we have presence there. Like last year, I've arranged for a booth and a developers' room.

And while we can use the booth for answering questions, the developers' room is where we can seriously explain what we are doing and how. Last year proved there is a lot of interest and the presentations were well-attended and well-received. This year we have a room for both afternoons and I would like to have more good stuff.

I invite everyone to submit a proposal for an event in the FOSDEM Jabber developers' room. This can be:

  • A presentation about some aspect of the Jabber protocol suite.

  • A presentation about a certain use of Jabber in a piece of software. E.g. integration with the web, calendering, the desktop or non-IM applications.

  • A tutorial.

  • A coding sprint.

Bottom line is, if you have a good idea for filling a slot, let me know before 16 January.

Of course I would like to know who is coming, even if you are just going to visit. I also have some ideas about selling t-shirts, much like the one I made for BarCamp Amsterdam. It would be nice to have an idea of the interest for this. So, drop me a line.

What happened after BarCamp Amsterdam

So what was the plan?

I suppose the plan for World Domination™ will remain a secret until Boris Mann publishes the result of the notes he took at BarCamp Amsterdam. The event was totally awesome. Thanks all! Meanwhile, though, lots have been happening in the Jabber community.

Most of it has been summed up nicely by offline offlinestpeter in Jabber Journal #25. The most prominent event has certainly been the publication of Jingle and two related specifications as experimental JEPs, thanks to the coorporation of Google and others. This helps the WD effort, of course.

Despite the distracting activities I did manage to some Jabber work myself, too, thereby contributing to the cause. Slowly, but surely, the Jabber support in Twisted Words is progressing. Basic TLS support has been part of the 0.3.0 release, and I've been working on SASL support as well. This requires some juggling in Xish, which I hope will work out nicely. It should be committed Real Soon Now.

Twisted Words is getting used for more and more Jabber projects, and I was especially delighted about the birth of Palaver, a Multi-User Chat implementation and tofu's kind words. Thanks!

New house!

Back in town...

Ever since I started this blog, my postings have been pretty irregular. And every year seems to have one month without any posts at all. In 2005, that month was November. Things have been pretty crazy lately. Besides the busy times at work, Irma and I bought ourselves a house and much time has been going into it, especially since 1 December, when we got our keys. See the photos for the demolition activities. Meanwhile, the toilet downstairs has been redone completely and we will work on the bathroom during the holidays, along with some painting throughout the house.

Also nice to note is that, due to cosmic coincidence, my good friend offline offlineJoris will be our new neighbour! He got his keys six days after we did, and has some busy days ahead, too.