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Thursday, 23 January 2003

Modentity, Moblogging and Location Linked Information

We have a new word: modentity. Coined by Doc Searls to mean the combination of identity and location. I've been thinking on something like this myself for a while in combination with Jabber and my Jabber World Map.

What if you can combine your present location with your identity, so (selected) people can see where you are, or with your blogging activities (or moblogging). Or let's take it a bit further, and combine information about the surrounding objects at your presence location like this project by Matt Mankins called Location Linked Information.

That last one is a combination of the other two I guess. You can view information (nuggets) about your surroundings and annotate that information with your own comments. Think of having lunch at some restaurant and then write your quick comment about it, just then en there. Others who visit that neighbourhood can read your nugget. Businesses can write their own nuggets, for you to see if you wanted to.

Matt calls this hybrid of the virtual and real world glean space and thinks such a system will make people hyper-aware of our surroundings. An awareness we tend to lose in cities. Matt is working vividly on this project and envisions a system where all these nuggets are stored in a distributed manner. Using Jabber, it will have lots of Jabber servers all storing information about a small part of their (virtual) world.

I can't wait to test this out.

Wednesday, 22 January 2003

Friday, 17 January 2003

Mimir back, too.

Mimir, my home grown news service I discussed earlier, is also back in business. I changed some bits in the backend, so it now uses JEP-0060 as its Publish/Subscribe protocol. I'm using Greg's experimental pubsub component. Good stuff!

Thursday, 16 January 2003

New pubsub JEP and moods

Yesterday I broke some of the scripts that run this site and the news service I created when I upgraded Perl to 5.8. A good excuse to start hacking on the new Publish-Subscribe proposal.

I've gotten exited about the new proposal and installed the experimental pubsub component from jabberstudio. As before, my first application is the mood stuff on this site. Creating nodes and setting permissions is something I still do manually, so I need to make a tool for that. But I've updated the mood monitor in the download section for jabber bots and the set mood script. Works like a charm.

Friday, 10 January 2003

Jabber World Map in the press

The dutch magazine Interface for the Rotterdam School of Manangement (Faculteit Bedrijfskunde, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam), will place an article in its february issue about Instant Messaging on I-mode.

The article talks a great deal about MiMessenger by Splendo, a Jabber client for I-mode. Also the Jabber World Map is mentioned as a nice application of how to use Instant Messenging besides chatting. Hmm, that's kind of a contradiction. Anyway, a very nice dutch article, meant for management people.