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Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Planet Jabber split

Taking things personally...

Once in a while I receive messages from people about Planet Jabber. Usually about getting feeds added, sometimes about the content. Other Planets, like Planet Gnome have received mixed opinions on what should, and what should not be included.

My motivation to set up Planet Jabber was to gather weblog entries from Jabber developers and other contributers. Sometimes, those aggregated blogs will contain items that do not have anything to do with Jabber. Many times, though, I find those items interesting. It gives an idea about the people behind Jabber. However, some of the people whose feed is included in Planet Jabber asked to only show the Jabber or technology related entries by providing a special feed. That's fine with me, too.

Besides personal feeds, Planet Jabber has also included a few jabber.org feeds and the JabberStudio feed. I suppose because of this, some Jabber related projects have asked to include their project feeds as well. I have always declined such requests because of the motivation explained above, but it seems I have been a bit inconsistent.

To remedy this, I have created Planet Jabber News and moved the non-personal feeds there. The idea is that Planet Jabber News will aggregate news from Jabber related (software) projects. If you would like your project feed to be included, be sure to let me know. Of course this also holds for the regular Planet Jabber.

For those of you that use Mimír, if you subscribed to Planet Jabber, you now also subscribe to Planet Jabber News.