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Thursday, 2 February 2006

Psi follows my tune

Listen up!

As offline offlineremko wrote, the Psi people are working hard on getting some publish-subscribe support in their Jabber client. I've waited long for someone to pick up on this, so this is good news. They started experimenting with User Tune, that lets users publish information about which music they are currently listening to.

For a while, the Jabber World Map and Jabber Fishtank have been showing User Tune information for remko and me already. For me, this information is published by tune, a small utility that monitors Rhythmbox and publishes song information to my pubsub node. Then, ralphm.net's bot subscribes to this node and stores the notifications so the website can show that.

So, an development version of Psi now also shows my tunes when you subscribe to my node. Very cool! Keep up the good work, and maybe you can show me being happy, next?