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Thursday, 22 December 2005

What happened after BarCamp Amsterdam

So what was the plan?

I suppose the plan for World Domination™ will remain a secret until Boris Mann publishes the result of the notes he took at BarCamp Amsterdam. The event was totally awesome. Thanks all! Meanwhile, though, lots have been happening in the Jabber community.

Most of it has been summed up nicely by offline offlinestpeter in Jabber Journal #25. The most prominent event has certainly been the publication of Jingle and two related specifications as experimental JEPs, thanks to the coorporation of Google and others. This helps the WD effort, of course.

Despite the distracting activities I did manage to some Jabber work myself, too, thereby contributing to the cause. Slowly, but surely, the Jabber support in Twisted Words is progressing. Basic TLS support has been part of the 0.3.0 release, and I've been working on SASL support as well. This requires some juggling in Xish, which I hope will work out nicely. It should be committed Real Soon Now.

Twisted Words is getting used for more and more Jabber projects, and I was especially delighted about the birth of Palaver, a Multi-User Chat implementation and tofu's kind words. Thanks!