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Sunday, 22 May 2005

NLUUG and XTech Conferences

Going places...

This week is going to be a busy one. I will be speaking at two conferences, naturally about Jabber.

I've written about one of these conferences before. On Thursday 26 May, the Dutch Unix User Group (NLUUG), will hold its spring conference in Ede, The Netherlands. The topic is E-mail and Beyond, and my talk is an introduction into Jabber and how it might be used to replace current E-mail standards, while solving a number of problems currently found in the E-mail landscape. I will also touch the Beyond aspect of Jabber.

The other conference is XTech 2005, a three-day event held in Amsterdam. Coincidently, the tagline of this event is XML, the Web and Beyond. Lot's of Beyond going on these days. This conference takes place on Wednesday 25 through Friday 27 May, which overlaps the NLUUG conference. This is a pity, but fortunately, my presentation will be on Friday. I will be filling in for offline offlinePeter Saint-Andre, who was unable to attend. Our paper, for which he deserves most credit, can be found here.

The range of topics of both conferences really matches quite nicely with my interests. So, I'm really excited to get to meet a lot of smart people. I've booked some 1-star hotel and will be traveling quite a bit this week. I also need to be in Amsterdam for my work on Tuesday, and will most likely stop by the co-location facility to monitor the upgrade of our machine mag.ik.nu that evening, hopefully to be concluded by a informal get-together before XTech takes off.