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Thursday, 15 July 2004

Maintaining the Jabber World Map

I should really automate this...

Every now and then, I receive requests from people to be added to the Jabber World Map. Some of them by e-mail, which is odd in itself, but mostly via Jabber. I'm in the habit of leaving the chat windows with those requests open on my desktop, until I've made the time to honour the requests. But lately, I've been testing out newer versions of Gabber and Gossip. Sometimes, as with most work in progress, they crash and I also loose the requests. Sure, I can look them up in the log files, but sometimes the request don't even get there in the first place.

So, if you have requested to be added to the map, and you haven't got any response or you still don't show up on the map, please try again. Just send another request, and I'll try to add you before the next crash. Note: I generally deny subscription requests for my personal presence, mostly because of the Dunbar Number (as Joe puts it).

To the client authors: you are doing doing a terrific job. keep up the good work!