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Wednesday, 9 June 2004

Planet Jabber

All blogs unite!

For a while I had been having the idea of setting up a Planet for Jabber. Originally done for the GNOME project as Planet GNOME, a Planet is the aggregation of a set of weblogs of people in a particular community.

Planets are a great way to keep track of things that are going on in a community, all in one place. People reading weblogs on a regular basis have a large number of blogs on their blogroll, but a Planet also allows you to see entries of people who's blog you don't normally read, or just didn't discover yet.

As I said, I've been having this idea for the Jabber developers community for a while now, and the start of Planet IM, where this blog is also aggregated (thanks Christian!), I just set up Planet Jabber using Planet, a feed aggregator written in Python.

Why a Planet for just Jabber? Although I think Planet IM is very good idea, Jabber is much more than just IM. There'll be some overlap in the content, but that's ok. I hope many people will start blogging (more), so we read about all the cool things built using Jabber. If you want to appear on Planet Jabber, let me know.