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Wednesday, 28 April 2004

Updating Mimír feeds

Missing out on things...

A few of my Mimír channels had been very quiet recently. One of them was the channel for the BOFH stories over at The Register. This channel is being screenscraped by a little Perl script that uses LibXML and LibXSLT to turn the HTML into a nice RSS file. Then this RSS file is simply aggregated by the modified Janchor aggregator that feeds Mimír. Aparently, they've also changed the URLs to the stories, so a lot of old stories came up as being new.

While checking if Janchor now did get the new BOFH feed, I saw a error warning for offline offlineDizzyd's blog, Gradual Epiphany. Turns out he's moved to Movable Type for holding his blog, and the URL for the RSS feed also changed. Seems he did not migrate his archive (yet?), so that is too bad. Need to ping him on that. Also, it seems he has not sent presence to my site's bot for over a week. Hmm.