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Tuesday, 27 April 2004

Catching up

Filling the void...

My last entry was about receiving a grade for my Master's. I didn't really party all the way into today, but I did have fun!

After a two-day vacation (the weekend), I started working as Scientific Programmer at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering department. I started setting up my environment (installing my desktop machine with FreeBSD and GNOME), and slowly started getting to know people and finding out what I am to do over here.

Since I am the second programmer in the group, we needed a way to work on code together. CVS came into mind, but we also needed ways to handle bug reports, feature requests, etc. Also, in the near future, other people will probably start producing code, in related projects, but still separate from our stuff. So, I decided to try out GForge, the Open Source variant of the well-known SourceForge. I found an unused box (Dual Pentium 350Mhz), and started setting it up. Much fun, since there is no (good) port to FreeBSD.

Also, the machine this site is hosted on mag.ik.nu, has been moved to a co-location facility in Amsterdam on 1 April. This has been a wish for me and a couple of friends for a long time, and we can now enjoy good bandwidth, and maybe also host other stuff. With the money collected from that, we might be able to cover the bills for co-locating the machine.

And a week ago, I finally received my Master's degree during the official ceremony, so I may call myself Master of Science from now on. Nice.

More to come...