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Friday, 29 August 2003


Déjà vu

I was pointed to a new blog over at Corante called The Instant Messaging Industry Insider written by Stowe Boyd, also of Timing. It is a brand new blog and my attention was immediately drawn to the entry about Mo'time.

Mo'time is a Jabber Powered online blogging tool. It features an alerting system for new blog entries (from other blogs, but also your own) that uses Jabber when the user is online, but has a Web-based digest to catch new entries while the user is offline.

Doesn't that sound familiar?

Mimír is a system exactly doing this. It came out of my wish to better organise my information gathering back in October 2002. I didn't want to have to poll a lot of sites, but get alerted when something new was there. But Mimír is not limited to blogs, but can collect news from any kind of news source. Check out its architecture.

The cool thing about Mimír is that you could have news sites publish their news as it is created, not having to have aggregators poll sites every now and than. This blog is an example of that. As I told before, its storage format is XML. I have a small Python script that extracts an item (usualy the most recent one) and publishes it to a Mimír pubsub node. All of the subscribers to my blog get a notification instantly when they are online, or have the item marked on their news page for later reading.

Nice to see one of my ideas in another setting. I especially liked the following quote by Howard Liptzin of Tipic, the company behind Mo'time:

It's a next-generation aggregation system.

Always good to know...