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Friday, 1 August 2003

A new home

Leaving the birds' nest.

The best news arrived on wednesday and is of course the fact that Irma (my girlfriend) and I have been drawn as #1 candidate for an apartment in Veldhoven, a suburb of Eindhoven. Whohoo! We have been wanting a place of our own for a while now, and this time been lucky in the housing lottery.

For a hardcore Eindhoven guy this is almost betrayal, but then again, Veldhoven is a part of Eindhoven really, they're just still in denial!

For those familiar in the area: the address is Nijverheidslaan 99, in 't Look. The apartment has a large livingroom (32 m^2, after we have taken down a wall) and two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and separate toilet. It is located on the fourth floor (3e verdieping), on the corner of the building and we have two balconies and a small side window. A small Albert Heijn (supermarket) is nearby.

Tonight, we will be taking a first look on the inside, but the housing organisation had rated it well taken care of, and that is a qualification they apparently rarely give. My girlfriend already took a look on the outside, and it all seems pretty nice.

If all is well, we will receive the keys on 29 August, and move in late September. We will probably be ordering most of hour furniture this weekend, because delivery times are somewhere between 10 and 12 weeks.