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Friday, 1 August 2003

A Moods JEP

When things get formalised.

I've been expirimenting with moods for a while now, as you can see throughout this site. I took moods as my first application on top of pubsub to get a feel of how that could work.

Moods are how people feel. It is something belonging to you and can be seen as an extended kind of presence. There are more things that fall in this category like location and user activity. Last week, offline offlinestpeter published a new JEP on User Moods. It was a first draft on how you could communicate user moods.

The JEP used the <presence/> element to transport the moods. As I am a firm believer in pubsub for these kinds of information, I proposed to use that instead. Furthermore, the JEP contains a list of possible mood values, taken from research on this subject. But there was no natural language field to augment such basic mood information, like in my home-grown protocol. So that's in there now, too.

It is also possible to send your mood in one-on-one chats, inside the <message/> element, which I think is a very nice touch.

Anyway, I've worked on moods last week and updated my site and tools to use the new JEP, and it works great. Because the JEP proposed a fixed set of mood values, I had to get a lot of new icons for them, too. Checkout the Mood Overview Page for more information.