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Thursday, 23 May 2002

Merging pubsub proposals

I have been thinking about writing an e-mail about the jabber pubsub proposals that have been put forward as JEPs. These JEPs are JEP-0021: Jabber Event Notification Service (ENS) and JEP-0024: Publish/Subscribe. The e-mail should cover the differences and similarities, pros and cons, and opinions voiced in the Standards JIG Mailinglist with the ultimate goal of merging the best of both into one pubsub proposal.

I have followed the mailinglist a while and think I have not missed anything said on the subject through this list, but a man can only have this much active knowledge. Time for another read, and this has set me back a bit. Lots of things have been said but after 2002/05/11 it has been very quiet. Nevertheless I have to think this over again and hope I can come up with something useful before this week ends. Suggestions are very welcome.