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Friday, 25 May 2007

Ralph at Jaiku

Changing presence...

Before today, my last entry here was three months ago. What has happened since? In short I stopped working for the university (thanks guys, I really enjoyed my time with you) and are now working for Jaiku since halfway March, while staying in Eindhoven. My tasks are mostly focussed on adding IM support and in general working on XMPP, standards and Twisted in our service. Obviously, I now keep a life stream which might explain the lack of entries on by regular blog. Or maybe it is all the travelling I've been doing lately.

In that entry from February, I was contemplating going to XTech because of the interesting Jabber related talks. I did go, but basically replaced Jyri and gave a presentation on Jaiku myself. There are a lot of exciting things to write about this trip, and Jaiku as well. I might do that on the plane back from Helsinki, where I am now for a gathering at Jaiku HQ.

Next week I'll be at Reboot 9.0 which like XTech gathers a lot of interesting people and already has a nice line-up of talks. Hope to see you there!

Another exciting thing that I didn't mention here before is my upcoming fatherhood! Irma is due in July and that is approaching quite fast. More on that later, of course.