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Friday, 17 September 2004

Mimír and more

Pushing ahead...

There is a lot of discussion these days about moving news over XMPP/Jabber. For example, Bob Wyman wrote a few things in his blog and on the Atom mailinglist. Also, I found this nice graph that looks a lot like this graph. The latter one being the architecture of Mimír, that has been running for about two years now.

Nevertheless, a lot can still be done to improve Mimír. Things I am thinking about are:

  • Atom support

  • A desktop notification applet

  • A desktop side client

  • Pure Jabber interface for retrieving missed news, adding new feeds, etc.

  • JEP-0060 repeaters for efficient news distribution.

Another item that was on the list is the ability to bookmark items on your unread list for later reading. That has been implemented now and put in production last night. I'm curious what my Mimír users think of this feature.

Furthermore, I've add a large number of channels again, this time the list was from offline offlinestpeter. Enjoy!