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Thursday, 17 April 2003


A while ago Luc Demarteau of Splendo contacted me to co-author an article. Splendo is a dutch startup that develops (wireless) instant messaging solutions. They are also very busy on the Jabber front, both in business solutions as in consumer applications. One of their products is MiMessenger. We had contact earlier because he read my blog and I had commented on an interview with him (dutch) in Emerce, a dutch magazine.

This time, he was writing an article for LanVision, the magazine of NGN, the Dutch Network Users Association about IM in businesses in general and Jabber more specifically. He asked me if I would be interested in writing a hands-on piece on installing jabberd, and so did. The article is in dutch by the way, and this is good. It would be nice to have more attention for Jabber here in the Netherlands, more like they have in Poland.

I hope the people at NGN don't mind, but I scanned the article for those few that read my blog and could use a hand in convincing managers to consider using Jabber for their business. If you like the article, consider joining the NGN.

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